Friday, April 4, 2008

Out of the Funk

I have been in a funk the past couple of days...not like me. Periodically the whole being unemployed for more than 10 months with no prospects in sight and endless economic doom/gloom news does get to me.

So I decided to make something to cheer myself up!! And it has worked pretty well.

I began altering some CD's earlier this week and then put them aside. Why alter a CD? I don't know, just to see what happens I suppose.

I thought about entering this for Mixed Media Monday but have decided it is not worthy. I do like it though and will hang it here in the salon, to cheer me up.

This is Altered CD #1.

Cheers :)


RekindledMe said...

I think this is absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to seeing what comes after this one!

akatrix said...

Gaye, it's gorgeous! I made one into a Valentine....think it's on my blog. They are rather interesting to fool with. I love yours! Hurry with #2!