Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scorchin' Saturday

Well everyone it's not even 9 a.m. and the temp is all ready somewhere close to 80...around here this can mean only one thing: an excellent day for a BATH (for the dog, that is). Yes our truly California dog, whose teeth chatter when the temp dips below 65, who has a HEATING PAD under her mighty royal dog bed (thanks to DH who is a total marshmallow when it comes to all creatures great and small), who does not have fur but actually some sort of nasty pig hair hide, and who, at this time, has an odor that brings to mind a wheel of Parm, is cleaning up her act today.

Please don't let Samantha's (aka Girlfriend, Baby) cuteness fool you...NOBODY washes the face.

Peace and stay cool.

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Kim Tedrow said...

Gaye -- I LOVE your birds, and how you use pink in a lot of your work. I also like the blue/green challenge piece, great use of a transparency. Thank you again for dropping by my blog. -Kim