Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Baker and the Bee Maker!

Daughter Christine was here visiting over the weekend and we made the beehive cake. First you may notice that the cake is NOT in the shape of a beehive... I looked for the skep cake mold but only saw it online, and there was not enough time to procure it before her arrival. Then the baker (moi) made the executive decision that since I have loads of bakeware all ready we'd just work with what we've got.

I love making these Martha Stewart cakes, the challenge is fun and the result is...well, take a look!


~*~Patty said...

Oh yum, I bet it's as delicious as it is beautiful! The bees really make it, wonderful touch!
I hardly saw any bees on my lavender when I was picking it recently, one young praying mantis though.
Let them eat cake!!!! Bet you all enjoyed this one!

Jillian said...

YUMMY! Your bee cake is wonderful.

Mandy C said...

how cute are those bees!

gosh bet that cake tastes gorgeous