Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Altered Book Progress Report

This month the challenge at Bluebird 1 2 3 is to alter a book to reflect your art journey. I posted previously about the actual book I chose for this project. Today I finished my first spread and entry in here. It has been very difficult for me to do this - I have lots of ideas but the execution is either disappointing or lacking. I think part of this is mental for me, as I am a lifelong book collector and reader, as well as a professional educator. Altering and messing with books has not been part of my program!

I am pleased with what I did today though. This art feels intensely personal to me, much more than most of my other creations. I thought and thought about the book and what I would like to express in here. Finding the right images has been a challenge but I'm getting there. I also tried a painted background a couple of days ago but hated it. The pages today were gesso'd, colored with inks, used a stencil for the dots, and some collage images I have. I hand lettered the word 'transformation' - another area of immense arty anxiety for me!!

In putting this book together I have decided a couple of things: I'm going to make the cover after the inside of the book is finished, as I think I'll be better able to make the cover more reflective of what is inside; and I do each spread according to the text and illustrations/photos contained there.

Thanks for looking but please don't look TOO closely ;)


~*~Patty said...

Gaye ~ I am SO excited for you being off on your first altered book adventure! This spread is really wonderful! Transformation is such a powerful word and you've captured the feeling of it beautifully. Your hand lettering adds a lot! I am always shy of actually writing in my own handwriting, but in the end I do think it's a good thing! Gesso is a saving grace, isn't it! There really are no mistakes....someone wiser than me calls them floppertunities....Love that word. OK, I'm going back for another look, this is exciting....wonderful artwork you've created....Oh and I like your idea of letting the text of the book lead you. Have you tried "found poetry" in books? Tom Phillips, The Humument is simply amazing!

~*~Patty said...

Me again.....Love your left margin so much = just Super!!!

Jean said...

Hi Gaye - I posted a link in my post to your post. Blogger is a little funny when trying to add a link to the comments so I look periodically to see if someone's having trouble and then I post it in my's just easier that way!!

I love your pages!!! Way to go!! It leaves one feeling a little vulnerable but it freeing at the same time, don't you think?? I love all your images and your handwriting makes it oh, so, special!!! Well done!! Do post more progress and let me know!

Francine said...

Wonderful! Gaye, wonderful!
I know it's hard for you to alter books, but think of it as giving them a second chance. Lots of those old books would be destroyed, and here we are, giving them new life. "Transformation", isn't that what your page says? The personal touches are what makes this page. Hand lettering and so on. Can't wait to see more.

Cyndi said...

Love it Gaye! I have altered books on my "to do" list as well. Love to look at them, but for some reason I'm a little intimidated!

Cyndi - Dreams Unltd

akatrix said...

Gaye, that spread is so lively and joyful! I'm anxious to see more so get busy and don't make us wait too long. I absolutely love it.......
I think the whole thing will just begin to flow from your heart!