Monday, July 21, 2008

ATC's inspired by Chagall

The Art Techniques ATC group runs a monthly swap with an "Artist of the Month" theme. July's AOM is Marc Chagall, and the intent of the swap is to make ATC's inspired by the particular artist or incorporating some of the art itself. I had not entered any of these swaps due to the fact that I can't draw anything!! I am very intimidated and anxious about the entire prospect of drawing anything... I Google'd Chagall and looked at many images of his paintings. I like them very much, they are colorful and vibrant, a cross ( to me) between impressionistic and abstract. He definitely has themes that run through things, and hides some images in the background in many of the paintings I looked at.

Here are the 4 ATC's I did. All of them began with colored cardstock glued down onto a piece of bristol board. The cardstock has a very nice linen texture, which I hope mimics canvas here! All colors were done with oil pastels - I love working with them as I can easily control the color and depth with my fingers. I put down the color and looked at each piece to see what came into view. On all the cards I added stamped images with black StazOn, and I DREW lines and other small defining details with a black Sharpie, then edged the entire card in black. All cards have been sprayed with Matte sealer to 'fix' the pastel.

This was not an easy challenge but I'm glad I did this.

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Jean said...

Oh Gaye, these are lovely!! I haven't signed up for a swap this the group though, it's such a nice bunch!! And full of helpful, supportive ideas!!