Saturday, July 19, 2008

Retro weekend underway!!

I am all excited!! It all began this morning with going to a couple of garage sales. Here are pics of what I scored.... By the way, the newest book/mag is from 1962 (except the Children's Dictionary). Check out the uber cool Schnaps cabinet from Germany!! It is in PERFECT condition and the bottles are all unopened.

I love scoring these books as I am slightly image-challenged. Suzan Buckner's blog (Thrifty Collage Artist) has added daily freebie images this past week - check it out! I know many of you are familiar with Suzan and her freebies are wonderful - she has real style and a great eye!

Now to really start my art day, waiting to go the '70's Soul Jam show tonight, at the outdoor Greek Theater - Stylisitics, Chi-Lites, Billy Paul, and a couple others on the bill. Thanks to my friend Robin yesterday for a heads up about getting half price tickets for this fun show!

Have a great (retro) day!!


Jill said...

Hi Gaye. Nice score at the garage sales! You are right--Suzan has the best images and a great eye. BTW--I don't know if you've seen these but on Etsy they sell bound books (via bind-it-all, etc) with these book covers and blank pages interspersed with original pages from the book. They sell for good $$!

~*~Patty said...

Great books and WOW on your German cabinet too!!!

Karen Mowrey said...

ooo, great score! These sure are treasures, love the bottles!