Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Art Journal Page

This is a page I made for the second week in Collage with Crowabout. I struggled a bit here, but once I got the '2' down onto the paper it became much easier.

I printed the collage elements onto a transparency in negative and they turned out very cool! The elements this time had lots of texture and graphics, stripes, crackled painted wood, etc. I only used one of the transparencies here, over the word 'life' - I like the grungy effect of it. I also had a great time making those bees!!

Part of my struggle here was using the number 2 - I dislike even numbers, and especially in my art I love the number 3! I tried to be true to 2, using things in pairs when possible. I am definitely learning a lot through this group, it's terrific!


~*~Patty said...

Oh Gaye! Your 2 journal page came out really great!!! Wow, great elements on this page! 3 and 13 are my favorite numbers!!! :)

Karen Mowrey said...

Ok girl, looks like we need to feature 2 "bee"-utiful pieces from you in the next Bee Spotting. I can tell you had fun with these little honeys, they are sooooo adorable. Even numbers are tough, we are big into the odds here...3 dogs...3 humans together equal 3 males amd 3 females but my all time favorite number is 7.

Great job!