Sunday, August 24, 2008

Journal Page...

... that got started on Friday, while I was freaking out/obsessing on/being angry about MONEY. I despise dealing with money. I don't know why, I'm some sort of whack job I suppose. Last week I was embedded in lots of money talk - with my daughters, particularly Christine; with my husband all the time (he owns his own business); and worst of all with myself (looking at my debt after 15 months of unemployment, trying AGAIN to get work lined up, loans, BLAH BLAH BLAH). Money strikes at my very core of security and generates fear, although it is irrational ~ as fear often is. I have NEVER wanted for anything (materially) and have always provided for myself or have been provided for - truly a spoiled baby boomer here.

So here's a page I came up with, I really like the quote here. The suit, by the way, really did appear in the Elvis film 'Clambake' and it's estimated value carried by the flying pig is accurate, as the picture and info came from a rock auction catalog that arrives at our house occasionally. I'm sure Elvis would never have imagined that one of his suits could fetch this kind of MONEY, even if it was for the part of the 'millionaire'.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming :)


wahm922 said...

Oh Gaye I feel your pain. This economy it really falling apart and so many of us are suffering.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via your Flickr profile Gaye, and have to say that I'm with you all the way on the M word. I have a terrible relationship with it! I love that you made Art out of your angst and hope you're feeling a bit better about it today :)

I was coming across to say Thank you so much for the note on my latest piece for Nance's group, and the reference to Peter Max, who (shockingly) I'd never heard of before. I've had a great time looking him up on the web. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work - see you on Flickr soon!

Suze xXx

Rosie said...

Gaye, you're no whack job... I feel exactly the same about money. It's the only thing that ever worries me. Everything else that life throws at me, I can handle, but money - it comes, it goes (all too quickly).
We also have a small business run from home which just seems to suck the life out of anything I contribute - and it has caused quite a few 'words' this year!
That is one very soulful art journal page!
BTW: Thanks for your lovely comment about the puzzle piece. ;-]