Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skylines and Skyscrapers - Part II

The second neighborhood is here!! Welcome to the East Village, specifically Bloome Street between Bowery and Ludlow, NYC.

Again all structures are based upon the dimensions of a business card, 2" x 3". Background papers are color copies of papers I have made or previous work I have done, especially journal pages here. The sense is more contemporary and funky than the upper West Side neighborhood I revealed earlier.

Enjoy your stroll down the street past the cafe, community garden, art gallery, pastry shop, poetry club, apartment buildings, and housing co-op:) Come visit anytime!!

This all began a couple of weeks ago with Walt Whitman. I NEVER thought these neighborhoods would turn out like this!!


Kim said...

Very cool stuff Gaye, I love the popping colors and happy feeling.

Karen Mowrey said...

Gaye, so fun. I have had a glimpse on my google reader of these and today finally have had a chance to see what they are all about. Very cute, love the idea of building little neighborhoods.

ps. can I share the bee one with the world?