Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Faithful Friend

A very dear friend celebrated a MAJOR birthday this past Monday, and I made this mixed media collage piece for her. She is one of those (rare) friends that is TRU BLUE and knows how to be a great friend!! My friendship with her began right away when we met, about 10 years ago, and we just connected immediately. Don't you love when that happens?? It is rare and precious. Her friendship is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :)

This collage is done on 6" x 12" canvas board, and I used a patchwork of papers at the very bottom, some layers of paint, stamping, Swedish text, and some fancy buttons. This was a lot of fun to construct, and here's a MAJOR breakthrough for me: I DREW and PAINTED the face myself!! I like her pretty well, although I think her neck makes her look more like a linebacker for the Packers than an angel friend.... BUT I did much better with this aspect than I thought I would! This is huge progress for me and I plan to continue my drawing and painting explorations.

This is my first piece for the Art Everyday Month Challenge at Creative Everyday, which is running all through November. This week's theme at Arty Girlz is to incorporate a hand drawn element, and I've got that here.

Hope all of you are fortunate enough to have friends like this ~ a treasure more precious than any THING.