Friday, February 13, 2009

Festive Woman with a Festive Ermine

There's a new group on Flickr which I joined. It's called 'Famous Works of Art ATC's', and the idea is that each week we are provided with a particular piece of art to use in an ATC, in whatever way we are inspired to do so.

The first challenge is based upon a painting by da Vinci, 'Lady with an ermine in Cracow'. I used a background which i had made a looooooong time ago - the colors and pattern worked well here. I also used a manila tag which I had colored up with oil pastel over gesso, I think? I stamped it with some different patterns, to put behind her as well as for the hats. I stitched around the edge with metallic green embroidery thread and outlined he hats with green glitter - the color is not right in the photo but I did the best I could with my ANCIENT camera ;) (I want a digital SLR SO BADLY, wah wah wah). The festive woman is outlined with a bright yellow crayon for that special 'glow' heheheheeee.

This is fun and I'll bet on seeing lots of art that will be new to me!

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