Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have to get this written before I forget the details....
I have lots of dreams. Vivid dreams. Sometimes I just remember snippets of them (not sure what kind of measuring device that is but I AM sure it's the right one for these dreams :), other times I remember entire sequences. I can't explain this at all. Up until about 2 years ago I couldn't tell you anything about dreaming....

Last night I had a very vivid dream encased in color, images, and harmony. I was at some sort of music festival at a very large venue. The venue combined earth and water and the mingling of the two was perfect ~ there were people 'camped out' on floating rafts that were tethered together, and we could swim freely to see our friends at other sites. There were LOTS of faces in my dream including those of unfamiliar people, family members (mostly cousins??), friends (current and from long ago), no famous or celeb faces though; just faces of a personal nature, if that is sensible. The whole place was vividly colorful and all the audience sites were tied together with beautiful flowing ribbons made of all different colors and weights of materials. There were vendors selling food (of COURSE there's food!!) and their 'stalls' were on land. The most prominent image I have is one selling fruits, including strawberries the size of cantaloupes.... YUMMMMMMMM. Although we were all swimming around, when we left the water we were dry.

I had to get this out so I could return there, hopefully. I woke up energized and astonished by the depth of the memory. A perfect end to a terrible day of subbing in middle school.... the kids were REALLY badly behaved yesterday.

*I had to include a photo for you, so here's my wonderful tea cup given to me by a dear friend.

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