Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's officially Spring!!


I know that all of you know about these nightmarish winters here in SoCal.... heehehehe.

The great thing about spring here is that many critters return to my backyard for daily visits (remember the rattlers last summer??? NYAAAAH). My absolute favorites are the California quails that come through every morning and again in the late afternoon. They are always in groups, never alone. I absolutely love these guys. They feed on the ground and scratch like chickens. Their call is very distinctive and I can hear them coming along the back wall from several yards over (our yard is big too, we have about 17000 sq ft!!). I have yet to take a good photo of them, they are quite shy and sensitive to movement.

Here's a photo of one courtesy of the National Zoo, and a lovely painting by Ron Sumner. You can see his art at Ron Sumner's artwork.

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Kathy said...

Well...that's just too cool!! Beautiful birds! I live in So. Cal and all we get is skunks, possums and raccoons. LOL!!:-) Not that I'm complaining..I love the critters...but those birds are WAY COOOOOL!!