Saturday, April 25, 2009

UniqueLA on YouTube!!

Here's a link to a couple of videos on YouTube about artists connected with the show.

I watched these and am now in full freakin' out stage. I am SERIOUSLY not confident as well as understocked!! Any suggestions as to HEALTHY ways to not sleep for the next 7 days are welcomed!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH what was I thinking???????


Anonymous said...

Flippin awesome videos! Gosh I haven't done screen printing since...jr high! LOL Healthy ways not to sleep? Well I don't see that happening love..I know we all could get alot done if we didn't have to sleep and the constant interruptions(which is my biggest deal) My supplies have dwindled down too...I am sure that doesn't help you feel any better...Hugs!...Time to think outside the box darlin...which is something I often do...look at what you have and shift things around...ideas are bound to happen...the confidence is there babe just keep at have it in you!!! xoxo


Thanks for visiting my blog !! I have hearted your Etsy shop...just LOVE IM#4 !!!

Are you in an upcoming show ?? Best of luck...I'm sure it will be great.