Saturday, May 30, 2009


This is a 9" x 12" journal page I did for the Collage Play with Crowabout Flickr group. This page geeks very good to me ~ I haven't done any journalling for awhile and I sure do miss it!! Am I the only one who feels the need for days that are 30 -36 hours long, so I can do more {art, gardening, cleaning, working} ??

The photo under everything is from an awesome book that I picked up off the bargain table, called "Earth - A New Perspective", by Nicolas Cheetham (published by Quercus books, 2007). It's a collection of photographs of Earth's surface and they are colorful and abstract and textured and WONDERFUL!! Many of the photos are from sources like NASA, USGS, EROS, etc (the science geek part of me loves the technical info and the arty part of me loves the colors and shapes :). After I glued down the papers and began painting the page guided itself. I did try using the 'paint-over' technique that Lisa Bebi does - she recently posted about it on her blog. I really like the technique, I'll continue playing with this!!

I love these endless connections that we 'see' when we are open and mindful of them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday postcard Art Challenge ~ Numbers

I have not played in a weekly challenge since... forever ago!! So when I saw the theme of "Numbers" for this week's SPA, I had to play. I LOVE numbers, especially the number 3. My card, "The Belle of Avenoo A", doesn't have too many numbers, and not even my favorite number is here!

The main image is one I snagged from New York Public Library Digital Image Collection. This is a vintage sheet music image and I love everything about this ~ especially that it was sung 'with immense success' by Miss Blanche Ring!! So I thought about Blanche's success when I made this and her ability to command a 25 cent ticket price, a fortune in her day. Blanche is hidden under the flap so I have a photo here to show you her as well.

I hope you like my postcard and hopefully you'll have 'immense success' just as Blanche did ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Here's an ATC for a swap in Trish Bee's group with a green theme. I used recycled cardboard for the base, gesso'd and colored with my Neo crayons. Added a few cut-up Tazo tea envelopes, edged in gold. The gold leaves are called 'Decorative Accents' ~ perfect description!! The stamp I used is from my Technique Tuesday Asian set ~ a Buddha figure, although hard to see due to the embossing. The Asian coin charm is from Sky Blue Pink ( a great place to find fun stuff at great prices :), attached with a Making Memories brad. The card is edged in gold and green, now ready to fly off to the UK.

Hope you are all having a nice long weekend doing things in a ZEN way.

Later I'll be making some cards for, seems like the right thing to do for those who do so much for us!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Make It Your Own....

That's the big idea from Michelle Ward for this month's Street Team Crusade. As soon as I read the post I knew I was in. I missed playing in this challenge last month. If you haven't tried one of these yet and you want to have fun, try something new, and meet some fantastic people, then you need to jump in :)

So this process began yesterday when I saw the puzzle page in the Sunday Magazine that arrives with the newspaper....

I need to let all of you know that, regarding my art, I LOVE circles, dots, etc; and I am obsessed with the number '3'. So when I saw this page, with its grids and STRAIGHT lines, it caught my attention ~ very unusual for me. I thought I better go with it and MAKE IT MY OWN.

I took out a few blank 4" x 4" canvas boards and began cutting, gluing, and combining other papers onto the boards. Here's what I ended up with ~ 3 boards, of course!!

I began working further on the crossword grid because it was the first to DRY :0) How many of you relate to this??!! Cut and glued down some additional paper doodads I liked. Mixed up some paint, nearly dry-brushed it on, then wiped with a baby wipe.... and did it again, with a different color I mixed.

By this time I had all ready decided I would do a gel transfer, and I had my image printed and ready on the transparency. Before I made the transfer I wanted to add some nice asters to the board, above the paint but below the transfer image (it's all about the layers). I found this great photo in a flower book I have, and wouldn't you know there was a MARIPOSA butterfly hiding amongst the blooms - the same image I had all ready planned for the transfer. I LOVE when things like this happen :)!!!!!

The transfer worked well. Now just a few more details to finish up... Earlier when I was painting I had some of each color leftover, which I try not to waste. I had some paper handy that I had punched some flowers from previously... the colors were good and the flower shape is a Cosmos, similar to my Aster flowers in shape = great stencil perhaps??

So to finish up a long post - the details were added with a crayon, glaze pens (black and silver), gold Signo pen, silver and sepia black pigment ink pads. I MADE IT MY OWN!! Thanks for a great challenge Michelle. Check it out at Michelle Ward's Crusade #31.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

'In this Garden' Banner Swap

Angela Cartwright's Yahoo group has a banner swap with a theme of 'In this Garden', celebrating the publication of her most recent book collaboration with Sarah Fishburn. If you have not seen this book yet you must take a look. I had the opportunity to attend a book signing for In This Garden at a local shop last weekend and Angela signed my copy for me!! It was thrilling to meet her and see the original pieces featured in the book as well as lots of other cool art and mixed media supplies at Zinnia. Angela was so sweet and we took a picture together ~ a great Saturday evening for me!!

The banner swap is a 6/5 swap. I love the fact that I had to make 6, there are 6 letters in 'GARDEN', and the set would be dispersed among 6 individuals. I knew I would be making letter charms to add to each banner, but I wanted each banner to contain a word which reflected feelings and thoughts which the garden evokes for me. I constructed the flower characters from a wide array of my stamps, using beautiful Lagoon Blue pigment ink and Kaleidoscope ep. The paper for the words across the top of each banner was painted using watercolor pencils and then going over with clear glitter glue. I used a different set of alpha stamps for each banner (I had forgotten about some of these sets, hehehehehe). The text is original vintage from a book purchased at an estate sale, 'The Riverside Magazine for Young People'; this was published and bound in 1868. The story on the pages used is called "My Three Gardens"....perfect. I stamped some dots on there and crimped the paper too!! The flower petals around the faces were stamped and embossed in black, then cut and assembled along with text flowers. I really poured myself onto these banners as I LOVE the garden and find it always to be such a place of sanctuary and peace. The charms at the bottom of each piece were stamped and inked on shrink plastic, then wired with beads and twists and attached to the banner.

I love the flower characters here and will have them around in future pieces too ;), like a whole new set of friends. I know they are all going to fine homes and, although I will miss these pieces, the sharing is good.

Happy Sunday to all of you, you are all so dear to me!! (My hormones are kicking up BIGTIME I think!!!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time for a blog giveaway :)

First of all HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there!! Being a mother has definitely changed me, I've thought about this quite a bit today. Those musings are for another post on another day.........

because it's time for a blog give away!! I haven't done this for a LONG time and it just feels right. Here's a photo of a work in progress (WIP). To be eligible for the giveaway you need to identify WHAT this piece is (ATC, canvas, inchie, etc). Leave a comment on THIS post no later than FRI MAY 15, 6 p.m. PDT. YOU MAY ENTER ONE TIME ONLY ~ NO MULTIPLE ENTRIES PLEASE!! There will be a total of 3 winners!! If more than 3 of you correctly identify what sort of piece this is, there will be a random drawing for the 3 winners. Be sure you include your email so I may contact you to send your winnings.

I will provide small clues to help you every day, beginning today. Check this post daily as I will add the new clues here, heheheheheeeeee.

AND THE WINNER GETS: a generous supply of supplies from the Salon :) I have lots of cool and beautiful papers, ribbons, doodads, handmade embossed papers, ephemera, stamped images, napkins, tissue... you get the idea. So let's have some fun with this!!


Sunday's clue: This type of piece has NOT been seen on my blog before. However forms of it have appeared in magazines like Somerset Studios and Somerset Holidays and Celebrations.
Monday's clue: These pieces are thematically connected, but that's it.
Sunday May 17: Well I certainly lost track of this........and my life is NOT that complicated!!
WE HAVE 3 WINNERS AS PROMISED, selected randomly as all of you are correct and my photo was (apparently) not tricky enough, hmmmmmmmmmmm.
The winners are Nanke's Stuff, Marion Bockel, and Digital Misfit. Please send me an email with your snail mail info so I can get your packages out by Friday of this week!!
CONGRATULATIONS and thanks so much for playing ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Aftermath of Unique LA Prep

Some photos of the present state of the Salon, post Unique LA preparation.

I'm not going to show you what the rest of the house looks like... (YIKES!!!!!), including pieces still in process and drying IN THE KITCHEN.........

Pics taken with my wonderful new camera, a surprise from my superstar hubby last night!!!!

So many golden moments!!!!

The Unique LA show this past weekend was BEYOND awesome!! I was so anxious and feeling so unprepared last week....
Then I arrived at the venue on Friday to set up my booth. The place was great and we had a terrific view of the city since we were on the Penthouse floor of the building.

I came back Saturday morning and set up my items in the booth. There were LOTS of people and I made my first sale in the first 30 minutes of the event!!!! WOOO HOOO! My hubby popped in for a surprise visit (he is the BEST) so I had a chance to look around a bit. My FRIENDS are the best, on Sunday some of them came to see me (still waiting for those pics!!). So many talented and creative people were there, it was a very energizing place to be!!

So my wrap up for the event looks like this:
  • My goals were met
  • I met many local artists and now have a way to network and connect with them :)
  • talked with and met SO MANY wonderful and creative people
  • My artwork had great exposure

  • The feedback I received was very positive

  • There is a lot of interest in my work

  • I was interviewed for a profile piece on a local arts website (OMG)

  • when asked "Are you the artist?" I cold reply with "Yes I am" (NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have ever seen this for myself!!!)

  • I sold enough to cover my rental fee!!!!

  • this experience is a major investment in my art, my practice, and my confidenc

A very FULL weekend indeed.