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Wisdom of Heart and Mind

I read about this in a book I recently added to my library,
Image Transfer Workshop, and played with it when making this mixed media collage. The collage is a 4" x 4" stretched canvas and is for a swap in Trish Bee's Creating Chaos group. The quote must be incorporated into the piece and as I thought about it more and more and then saw this stamp, it hit me that men and women work together and complement one another in this way. There are many layers here, beginning with collaged text bits (mostly scraps and leftovers actually) wrapped around the canvas. The entire canvas was painted with 2 colors using the peeling paint technique. The man and woman are a stamp from Paper Bag Studios (I think!!), and the gold embossed half circle stamp (part of an old barometer I think) is from an unknown source. Both images are stamped on handmade paper. All the words for the quote are cut from various books around here, ranging in publication dates from 1868 to 1980.

The crackle medium was tinted a mossy green color and applied with a palette knife around the edges and onto the top a bit. I wanted the piece to have a sense of the images being 'buried' in those cracks.... I really like this medium it was very easy to work with and apply. It had to dry for 24 hours for all the cracking to develop. Then I painted over all 4 sides with a mix of gold and copper acrylics and dabbed off the paint with a paper towel as I went along. The resulting patina look is really nice, I like it a lot and will definitely be doing more of this. I hope my swap partner Maggi like this!!
This is also a good fit for
Mixed Media Monday this week as the theme there is 'Together' and these complementary wisdom's in the Dickens quote work together, as do men and women. I believe we are meant to be together, I sure love being married to my best friend. *(sigh)*

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One-A-Day #'s 10 & 11

Aug. 20, 2009 One-A-Day #10

Aug. 21, 2009 One-A-Day #11

So far, so good in staying with my One-A-Days :)

Kind of like 'Art Vitamins'...........

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One-A-Day #8

Aug. 18, 2009

Morning Inspiration

If you like patterns and detailed work and inks and pens and charcoal you might like this.

BTW, T- 4:48 to my Etsy shop sale.

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Paris Salon Redux Continues...

and the good news for all of you is a
Please come visit to see a
variety of mixed media, collage, and altered art supplies
which will be available for purchase
at extremely reasonalbe prices!!
and be sure to tell a friend!!

The Color Purple

'Dare to...'

A color that is typically NOT a part of my palette!! I participated in a swap with this theme and had fun stretching a bit artistically and creatively. Often I feel that my work with pastels is not too good, but I like this card ;)

Detail view

Stamps are from I Brake for Stamps, Invoke Arts, Inkadinkadoo, and the splatter spots are unknown source. I've had that purple mulberry paper FOREVER, and the big purple-dome iridescent buttons were a recent score at the sewing store ~ I LOVE them and had to incorporate them here for my purple theme!! There are touches of Frosted Lace Stickles on the skirt of her dress, and the cards are outlined in silver pigment ink embossed with 'Psychedelic' ep.

One-A-Day #7

Aug. 17, 2009

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One-A-Day #6

Aug. 15, 2009
Woodstock at 40: definitely looking ageless and timeless.

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One-A-Day #5

Aug. 14, 2009

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40 years ago!!

The bands came to Woodstock to play...
the crowds came to Woodstock to rock...
everything was perfectly aligned.
So glad to be part of the so-called 'Woodstock Generation' :)

Paris Salon Redux

You know it's time to clean the studio
when getting to the worktable has become an X-treme sport.
The desk??
Floor?? What floor?? Who needs a floor??

$1,000,000 (just a refresher for numbers with only 6 zero's ;) to the first one to find my copy of 'Acrylic Revolution'.....

Yet I still feel compelled to accumulate MORE paper.... BETTER paper....

and, of course, one cannot have enough cardboard on hand, can one?
Did I mention we live in EARTHQUAKE country?

A small platoon of fluffy pink and yellow chicks...
Will keep you updated as to my progress here, along with any helpful organizing tips.
Back later w/some more One-A-Days!

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One-A-Day #4

Aug. 13, 2009
Welcome to the Dark Side.....

Domestic Goddess Journal Page

This week's elements for Collage Play with Crowabout Group are all fun retro images centered on cooking, food, cakes, etc!! I was outside myself with excitement!! I love cooking and I especially love eating!!!

I'm super pleased with my background work here, which began with collaged text on watercolor paper. Paint was added and some texturizing done with a plastic veggie bag remnant ~ which I could S-T-R-E-T-C-H for added play ;) I used one of my Tim Holtz masks (LOVE those goodies) to make the barbed wire stripes with one of my gorgeous Daler-Rowney iridescent acrylics. The diva herself is copied from a great Dover book with catalog images from Sears' catalogs of the fifties. I have used this particular woman before, I'm drawn to her for some reason....(probably because she's EATING). The chair she sits on was cut from a great sixties-style book published by DK (thanks to the bargain table for that!), which I modified with paint and Stickles Black Diamond glue. The black starry frames were made from paper I used a Martha Stewart border punch on. The borders are made from pieces I cut from Graphic 45 paper (Stunning papers, you must check these out if you haven's seen them) and additional elements from Nancy. There is green cherry lace decorative clear tape across the bottom (purchased at All outlining is done with a Crayola:)

Often, in all areas, simple is best.

One-A-Day #3

Aug. 12, 2009
Simple. Pretty. Enjoy. BE.

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One-A-Day #2

Aug.11, 2009

I love the expression on this pumpkin face and had a lot of fun constructing this prankster!!

One-A-Day #1

Aug. 10, 2009

Here's an ATC done for my personal 'One-A-Day' project. More will be revealed as time goes by :)