Thursday, January 7, 2010

Using some leftovers!

This week at the Mixed Media Monday challenge we've been asked to use our leftovers ~ got plenty of 'em, as I'm sure we all do!  OK, maybe I'm really obsessive about these; I recently showed my husband my envie with the label of 'Tiny Paper'.  It's moments like these that you KNOW you are truly loved *sigh*. 

My 6" x 12" canvas board began with paint... several coats of it!  The skyline piece is built from cutting strips of paper scraps and gluing them down on cardstock.  I traced the skyline outline (modified from some of my clip art) on the back of the cardstock and cut it out.  Some Titan Buff paint was smeared around on the skyline to unify the scraps a bit.  I stamped and embossed various star and swirl stamps directly on the canvas ~ I've never done this before but it was easy and the effect is great!  I also used a Tim Holtz mask in the upper right corner and applied embossing around it as well.

The angel image is courtesy of the lovely Karen, The Graphics Fairy ~ this is the only NON-leftover on this canvas.  The phrase ~ and inspiration ~ are courtesy of Sir Paul and a tune by this name on his new CD, 'Good Evening NYC' (a wonderful gift from said wonderful husband above ;).  The song and the words are so uplifting and positive.  Oh yes, the gorgeous tinsel style glitter is by Martha Stewart and available at Michael's in many splendid colors.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Metamorphosis Journal Cover

Here is the front cover for my journal, currently in process and unbound at the moment.  This is a large journal, about 9.5" x 13".  The central flowers are from a calendar and I painted over the parts I did not want to emphasize (many thanks to Lisa Bebi and her fabulous 'paint-over' technique ~ enjoy a visit with her at Lisa Bebi's blog).  I really love this paint-over technique and have found it to be so freeing.

Here's some detail... I used my Caran d'Ache crayons to add some color and definition.

The 'Peace to all who enter' image came from a catalog... I glued it to a piece of Tim Holtz' harlequin  grungeboard that had been inked and sanded.  I love the elevation this has on the cover!

The letters are stickers from Rusty Pickle, they were just the right size, color, and feel for this.

This is the inside of the front cover, all collaged and inked.  Used some art paper from a Somerset publication, scraps, and some images from K and Co paper!  Love smooshing the color around with baby wipes :)

I really like how this came together....

and this too!!

Following (and TRUSTING) my instincts a lot more these days, it's great!

Hope you are living with intent....

Happy 2010!!

Here's hoping all of you had wonderful holidays and the opening of the new year brings promise, hope, and the enthusiasm for new beginnings.

My word for 2009 was 'FULL'.  The year definitely lived up to the word!  So now I need a word for 2010, a year which I am very excited about for reasons yet unknown to me.  After several days now the word is clear to me ~ 'INTENT'.  Definition courtesy of

in⋅tent  /ɪnˈtɛnt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [in-tent]
1. firmly or steadfastly fixed or directed, as the eyes or mind: an intent gaze.

2. having the attention sharply focused or fixed on something: intent on one's job.

3. determined or resolved; having the mind or will fixed on some goal: intent on revenge.

4. earnest; intense: an intent person.