Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Been so long...........

......... since I dropped in on my sorely neglected Salon here ;) and had time to visit with all of you too! My bad.
Short list of last 4 months:
  • have satellite radio in my car and am LOVING it!!
  • very busy school year which closed last week
  • lots of students successfully completing science classes with me * VBG *
  • preliminary organizing for next year (hopefully I'll be at the same school)
  • feeling better mentally than I have in oh so long
  • artful creating and experimenting has been ongoing but is really in full swing now - thanks to all sources of inspiration
  • having fun with my friends
  • working very hard at school but reaping the rewards as well :)
I am catching up here with all of my bloggy friends and making some new friends along the way too.Here's a recent journal page for ya!


1 comment:

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Sure have missed you Gaye, but it's clear you were having a wonderful and busy time away!
Super inspirational creation!
Have a lovely 4th of July!