Saturday, July 10, 2010

The JOY Gang: Original Gangsta Hope

I have decided to create my own gang, The JOY Gang.  Why??  So many of the gangs around that get the publicity are focused upon and practicing such poor behaviors, choices, and lifestyles for not only their members but their families as well.  My gang is focused upon JOY, of course, as well as other positive aspects of this life we live - and the choices we make to get there. 

Today I'd like you to meet Original Gangsta HOPE.  HOPE is a key member of this gang because, really, without HOPE there isn't much else left regarding JOY!!  HOPE just popped into my head yesterday and finished revealing herself a short time ago.  She has beautiful colors and is clearly busy, based upon her steps in a forward direction :)  She's having a good time too, and not trying to take anything TOO seriously.  HOPE sometimes sneaks up on us when we might not expect her, but the bells on her shoes do send a signal that she's on the way.  BTW those bells are magical as they play all BEATLES music ;)

HOPE is pleased to meet you and so glad you stopped in today!!  Have a JOYous day!

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*jean* said...

o i love your idea! and you birdie too!! your blog looks really nice...