Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Mr. Fantasy!!

Got your attention, eh?  Hehehehehe.

Really, though, the owl in this painting IS Mr. Fantasy (a la song recorded by Traffic).

This week's challenge at Sunday Postcard Art is OWLS.  I do enjoy working on this postcard size, and had some canvases laying around that are the right size.  I also love OWLS.  Combine this with recent inspiration from Suzan Buckner  , Michelle Allen   , and watching this video from Jesse Reno , and Mr. Fantasy EMERGED from

based upon this calendar owl and becoming the unique

Mr. Fantasy

It was a lot of fun creating him and this is a VERY fun way to paint!!



Eden said...

Gaye, I love Mr.Owl!!! He is so owl-er-ly!! His expression makes me smile! The fun texture and colors around and in him give him such personality :D

Sandy said...

Oh wow so wonderful owl art.
Fantastic design. Love them.

Diana Evans said...

oh this is wonderful!!! I love your owl art!!! beautiful work and wonderful to meet you!!!

Cindy McMath said...

This is a wonderfully unique owl - just love the colours and composition!

Cindy :)