Monday, August 23, 2010

Product Review

For a LOOOOOOOOONG time I have wondered about Copic Markers: what are they?  Why do so many people use them?  What can they do?  How permanent are they?  Why do they cost so much??!!

I have never actually used one.  The cost is prohibitive to me.  I'd rather spend my art supply $ on other things that I KNOW are worth the difference, yet still financially manageable.  Now that I am venturing into doodling and sketching more, however, I have been wanting to try some sort of colored illustration markers.  I was cruising the Dick Blick website recently and spen a lot of time looking at the Blick Studio Markers.  I read all the reviews and compared them to the Copics and Prismas.  These Blick markers are the least costly option so I went ahead and ordered the set of 12.

LOVE the colors!! Each marker has a broad chisel tip and a fine point tip.  So I used them first on some vellum paper ~ often a challenge to color, in my experience. 

The photo above was taken on a glass table top in ambient light.  I'm pleased with the color and coverage, still working on getting used to the broad tip :)

This sketch was done on Bristol board, 100 lb smooth finish.  Really easy to work on and the inks flowed well.

Here is the vellum layered over the sketch.  I like the color on the vellum, and the translucency of it, a LOT.  Nary a wrinkle anywhere ~ NICE!!

I think these are a good choice, certainly for the price!  When looking at the product reviews a common thread seemed to be that some of the pens were dry, even when new.  When I received mine I immediately checked them all and they were fine.  Blick is such a great company to work with, I'm sure they'd rectify any problem.  So I heartily endorse these, for whatever that may be worth!!

Now, onward to some drawing and doodling.........


Brandi Reynolds said...

they seem like prismacolor markers...which I love. Also a little pricier but so worth it!

Anonymous said...

they are great aren't they? l got some the other week!! love what you did with them here!xlynda

Gaby Bee said...

Great colors indeed! Love what you did with these markers.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

gorgeous colors around your lovely black n white zentangled heart dear Gaye!