Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 2-fer that ALMOST got away!!!

Ok I started 2-fer Tuesday a couple of weeks ago in order to improve my relationship with the number 2... and yesterday completely got away from me!!  This day job keeps me pretty busy most of the time.

I guess my "theme" (????) for this week is doing more with less.  Last week I was in my classroom for a couple of days, without students, preparing and organizing for the arrival of the students this week.  All teachers have bulletin boards in their classrooms.  This is a universal precept of all classrooms and requires specialized training as part of our teacher preparation courses.  I like the bulletin board: great for sharing important info with the students, displaying their work, making the room look nice... but I am not big on the 'traditional' border trims for these boards.  Have you seen these in the Teacher section at Staples or Office Depot?  A long series of A-B-C's that appear to be written in chalk?  How about those fun little green frogs over and over and over .........  So I'm trying to think of another way to 'finish' the edges around the blue construction paper I covered the board with.  Of course I don't want to spend any $ on this because I have all ready spent some on other things for my room.  Then it hits me: I have got a vast collection of patterned papers because I am addicted to beautiful paper and have been for my entire life.  Since childhood. Not kidding or exaggerating here.  I gathered a selection of patterns and colors and got out my wonderful Carl paper cutter, with the deckle edge blade :)

Cut and trim, cut and trim, cut and trim...all pieces 12 inches x 3 inches, with a deckle edge to face the interior area of the board.

NICE!! Got out my glitters and added dots of sparkle somewhat randomly along the deckle edges.

This photo is not very good as the glitter accents look more like little mouse poops here :( ---but they look great in real life!!
Off to the classroom they go

and around the board!!

Unfortunately I only have this one bulletin board in my room.  This border beats those repetitive frogs 8 days a week :)

These pieces are visiting there as well, so students get a peek at my work and some techniques I'll be exploring with them.  Like ZENTANGLING and subtractive painting techniques inspired by Jesse Reno and some of the work by Suzan Buckner and Michelle Allen.  Pop over to visit these super talented and inspiring painters, if you have not seen their work!

The super talented Jesse Reno has wonderful posts and a video of a live mural paint in Mexico city on his blog.  Sit back and relax, this is wort your time!!

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~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your border is brilliant, clever you, so often we really do have what we need, don't we!

Have you heard Lesley Riley's Art n Soul radio interview with Jesse Reno? It was SO inspiring, that guy lives and breaths art ... it was an hour long interview and I must say I enjoyed every minute!

Happy School Daze :)