Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2-fer Tuesday, Number 2

Hi there!  Welcome to the 2nd edition of 2-fer Tuesday, where I am engaged in improving my relatonship with the number  *drumroll* 2!!!!

Recently I have been delving into doodling, drawing, and zentangling.  If you had asked me a year ago, "Will you ever doodle or draw, or do you plan to stick with collage and rubber stamping for your images?", the answer would have been, of course, strictly collage and stamps, thank you very much!  But I have become emboldened to draw and sketch, and then to show the results....  I don't know what has gotten into me but I am definitely enjoying this freedom from my most stringent critic, moi.  I have purchased 2 books for help and inspiration in my zentangling and I love both of them!!

If you enjoy tangling all ready, or just need a fresh view of things, I recommend both these books to you!!  There are loads of patterns here to try, and even combine together ;)  So many possibilities, need more pens ~ I've all ready drained one Micron pen, and my second one is fading now too.

Shaky Town
Done with my (fading) Micron pen and Blick Studio markers

I hope you like it and see the fun I had creating this doodle.  Will it win an award?  I don't know.  Will it be 'popular' with visitors here?  I don't know.  And, while I hope you enjoy it, my greater pleasure here is sharing it with you. 

Be bold and follow your art heart <3.  I feel so much better since I have crossed over into this zone!

Until the next 2-fer, stay well and MAKE ART!


Elizabeth Golden said...

Your zentangle picture Shaky Town is wonderful. I m woeful in this department. I found the books very interesting. Maybe they will help me. Yours are fab!

Eden said...

Thanks for the book recommendations!! Off to put them on my wish list!!

Penney said...

Funny you should mention these two books, I had just added them to my wish list at Amazon! I love your drawings. I, too, declared that I was a "doodler" until I sat down and started practicing tangles. Now I'm hooked. Thank you for sharing.

connie said...

I love this!!! anything with little houses...it's very cool!
thanks for stopping by the artseat and your kinds words! im looking forward to your quote...

Brandi Reynolds said...

your shaky town is wonderful!!!!

Jan Oliver said...

I love Shaky Town. This is fun and cool!