Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2-fer Tuesday goes PINK

Sometimes life just feels a little crazy.  At least to me it does.  I have to say that this past summer, with the death of one of my brothers, I experienced a major personal 'reset'.  The shift in perspective for me is strong and still evolving.  My priorities are different.  I am more patient with myself and my students at school. I am more calm.  I choose my battles ever more carefully these days.  Some things just don't need to be mentioned or made a big deal of.  It's easier and more natural for me to demonstrate affection and kindness.  I am more free to give with less fear and thought about running out.

Since it's October, and Women's Health/Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have decided to have a focus on PINK this month.  In terms of my art, that is!!  I have always known that October was a time for particular awareness about these health issues, but really never gave it much serious thought.  My perspective on this has shifted recently, too.  I have two people I know whose lives have been directly impacted by breast cancer.  One of these people is a very dear friend, and her younger sister is ill. 

Survivor's Heart ~ ATC doodled on PINK cardstock

If you are reading this I invite you to join me.  Make PINK art this month and please post your work here with a link to your blog, Flickr, etc. so we can all see what you have created!!  In the meantime I'm adding some links here to a few other places dedicated to this cause....
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Website

National Breast Cancer Foundation Center Inc

Boobie-Thon for Bloggers

By next Tuesday I will have some resources for you to share or donate your PINK art pieces to patients currently undergoing treatment.  So let's make some pink art that celebrates, encourages, and ****uplifts****  ;) wink wink

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coming up for air...

... after a very busy 2 weeks!!  Hectic at school, and I was ill last weekend.  Happily I had time to play this weekend and made a few ATC's.  Hope you like them!!  Oh yeah, 2-fer Tuesday is NOT gone, just slipped away the past couple weeks.  Tune in Tuesday folks, I hope you will!!

Meet & Greet w/Mona
Mona image from collage sheet from Ten Two Studios, background is from a recent Paper Source catalog ;)

Halloween Sparkle

Mona's Lament
Mona image from collage sheet from Ten Two Studios, background paper received as a RAK in an ATC exchange, black bug is a freebie from JackandCatCurio - printed on vellum

Le memoir du Paris
Background is torn and painted corrugated cardboard, Tim Holtz stamp, Prima flower

Halloween Brew