Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inspired by a blessing

I don't know if I've talked about starting yoga here. I have recently begun taking yoga classes at a nearby studio.  I love it!! I've wanted to do this for quite awhile but was WAITING for...more discretionary money to spend...losing 5 more pounds....having more time (??? directly DEFIES scientific law)....being ready to 'commit'......  Then I thought about my thinking and realized I should just LET GO and do it.  The studio offers a variety of practices, which I like.

Last Saturday I participated in a Kundalini class, which was very rigorous for me but I absolutely loved.  It was sacred. It was transforming. It helped me breathe. It helped me empty my mind, if only for moments at a time, and leave my body.  The blessing we sang at the end of the practice is this one ~

When preparing to work on a journal page yesterday I found this tag in my {extensive} stash. Karma. Fate. Inspiration.  I recently purchased some -OOPS- after seeing Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday video. She raves about using this medium to prep for both Pan Pastels and/or watercolor & gouache.  So I used it on this spread with a couple of stencils.  Sloppy but I'm ok with the results.  Need.More.Practice. 

Just like yoga.......

Have fun with your life and DON'T WAIT!!

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April Cole said...

Beautiful pages, love the colors and the "yummy" textures!
Thank you for sharing. Take care. ~xx