Monday, July 23, 2012

Magnificent Monday

In my humble opinion, Monday gets a bad rap.  There's a myriad of reasons for this.  So I'm attempting a series of posts in order to provide a different and positive perspective on a Monday.  Not sure what direction this will take each week, so we'll explore together.  The real goal for me is that you will feel better after reading this.....

So this week I have some links for you.

The Art Newspaper: Cool article here about an upcoming interactive art show in Philadelphia.  Goes along with other current exhibits as well as the recent opening of the Barnes collection.  By the way, have you watched The Art of the Steal?? Excellent documentary about the controversial move of the Barnes Foundation.

The Jessie Rees Foundation: Anytime I need a lift, need to quit feeling sorry for myself, need to do something for someone else, I look here.  This group is devoted to helping children that have cancer and they have lots of great stories along with a variety of ways to help.  The foundation gives these young fighters a universal message that's good for all of us:  NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

Here's a video with a nice mixed media painting, from start to finish:
Hope all of this makes your Monday Magnificent!!



April Cole said...

hip, hip, hooray... a video!
Love watching creativity in motion. :]
Thank you for sharing, I had a wonderful time. ~xx

~*~Patty S said...

Monday's have always been a fun day for me...
Love my family...goes without saying...but knowing that there will be some "me" time uninterrupted is what I always associate with Mondays :)

I'm off to check out your links and watch the video

thanks as always for inspiring and sharing dear Gaye!

Raylee said...

loved this video!