Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Business Saturday

...was yesterday.  According to what I've heard on TV (they always tell the truth there, hehehehehe) this is the 3rd year for the event.  I participated last year, accidentally. I participated yesterday, intentionally.

I took myself to my favorite independent bookstores - a little drive but well worth it.  One of the few remaining independent bookstores as well as on of the few remaining brick-and -mortar many changes over time.  A place like Vroman's gives me comfort.

The stairs are cool.

I spent a lot of time with the art books, savoring the selection

and the variety

and {secretly} longing for all of these volumes!!

I love the fact that Vroman's has a fabulous and varied selection of books.  Although I love shopping online, and buying discount, there is no experience like shopping and seeing the pages.  ESPECIALLY when looking at art books.

And then, there is that new book that too.

Oh, I did make a few purchases, mostly gifts :)

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