Friday, January 4, 2013

MailArt 365

In November I joined a blog called MailArt 365. As I looked at the enormous variety of original mail art pieces shared there I realized that this would be good for me.  Why, you ask? I enjoy creating small art, like ATC's, 3 x 3's, inchies, etc, and am able to create them pretty quickly.  Making one each day, for 365 days, yeah, I can do this.

THEN I fell behind!!  AAAAGH! Undaunted, I carry on.  I may or may not make a piece every day, especially as I rethink and reorganize my time approach to my creative life.  However I will make 365 pieces by the anniversary of the date of my first post there - Nov. 22, as inquiring minds want to know. When I visited with Hanna on this post I was so pleased to read that she is approaching her '365' in a similar way!! Made me feel so much better. PLUS her 365 will be very cool, as she is always up to cool creative stuff!!

As I was working on some ATC's recently I knew they needed SOMETHING else but could not decide what.  I am not short on materials either, but as I sorted through my stashes nothing felt right.  I dug further and decided to construct some flowers for layering onto the cards.  They are made of canvas and I have a quick tutorial here for you.

I used these things:     Artist's Canvas  - on a pad that I got on sale foreverago
                                   Spray inks - I used Dylusions, GlimmerMists, and Walnut Stain?
                                   Acrylic Inks in bottles - Daler-Rowney, Liquitex
                                   small detail paint brushes

These are the canvas sheets that I used. I like the weight of it and the fact that it is all ready primed.

After the inks were sprayed and dried, I turned the canvas over and drew my shapes on the reverse side.

Start cutting!!

I went with flowers, circles, and four-leaf clovery things.  

I used a spray fixative to keep the inks in place, so any additional media on top would not change the ink colors.

Here they are, with additional shimmer painted on!!

ooooh - pretty!  

I don't like edges that look unfinished so I made sure to paint them too!! 

The finished ATC!!

The whole process here took me 2 hours, tops.  And I still have canvas flowers, circles, and four leaf clovery things ready to use another day!! Love that.

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you had wonderful winter holidays and are entering the new year with greater energy, bigger dreams, and plans to achieve those dreams.

My blogging and art journey began in 2008. I can hardly believe I am typing that!! Over the past 5 years my circumstances have not changed a lot, with the exception of my day job. Like so many others in this state (California) and country, work has been quite bumpy.  I am grateful to be employed, and I enjoy working with my students {I am a science teacher for middle and senior high school}. Getting along with the adults around me has become increasingly difficult, for many reasons.  Unfortunately I have allowed these external bumps to dominate other aspects of my life.

Recent events regarding my work have forced me to CHANGE my perspective - and my choice of actions - in order to be true to my internal compass.  I don't want to say I LOST my soul, but I did not LISTEN to my soul. A very bad choice for me.  Not recommended!!

I'm so glad you are here, and you are taking the time to read this.  I have many art ideas simmering, all at different stages of readiness.  So I will be blogging again as well as connecting elsewhere - FB, twitter, etc. When I began blogging I connected with so many wonderful people and I long for that connection again. 

Many have selected a word for the year, and I have done the same for the past couple of years.  Then I promptly lost sight of that word.  My word for this year is CONSTRUCT:



  [kuh n-struhktkon-struhkt]  Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to build or form by putting together parts; frame; devise.
Geometry to draw (a figure) fulfilling certain given conditions.
something constructed.
an imageidea, or theory, especially a complex one formedfrom a number of simpler elements.

The definitions are courtesy of  Used as both a noun and a verb, construct is descriptive for my internal and external processes.

Looking forward to a very constructive time with you!