Friday, January 4, 2013

MailArt 365

In November I joined a blog called MailArt 365. As I looked at the enormous variety of original mail art pieces shared there I realized that this would be good for me.  Why, you ask? I enjoy creating small art, like ATC's, 3 x 3's, inchies, etc, and am able to create them pretty quickly.  Making one each day, for 365 days, yeah, I can do this.

THEN I fell behind!!  AAAAGH! Undaunted, I carry on.  I may or may not make a piece every day, especially as I rethink and reorganize my time approach to my creative life.  However I will make 365 pieces by the anniversary of the date of my first post there - Nov. 22, as inquiring minds want to know. When I visited with Hanna on this post I was so pleased to read that she is approaching her '365' in a similar way!! Made me feel so much better. PLUS her 365 will be very cool, as she is always up to cool creative stuff!!

As I was working on some ATC's recently I knew they needed SOMETHING else but could not decide what.  I am not short on materials either, but as I sorted through my stashes nothing felt right.  I dug further and decided to construct some flowers for layering onto the cards.  They are made of canvas and I have a quick tutorial here for you.

I used these things:     Artist's Canvas  - on a pad that I got on sale foreverago
                                   Spray inks - I used Dylusions, GlimmerMists, and Walnut Stain?
                                   Acrylic Inks in bottles - Daler-Rowney, Liquitex
                                   small detail paint brushes

These are the canvas sheets that I used. I like the weight of it and the fact that it is all ready primed.

After the inks were sprayed and dried, I turned the canvas over and drew my shapes on the reverse side.

Start cutting!!

I went with flowers, circles, and four-leaf clovery things.  

I used a spray fixative to keep the inks in place, so any additional media on top would not change the ink colors.

Here they are, with additional shimmer painted on!!

ooooh - pretty!  

I don't like edges that look unfinished so I made sure to paint them too!! 

The finished ATC!!

The whole process here took me 2 hours, tops.  And I still have canvas flowers, circles, and four leaf clovery things ready to use another day!! Love that.