Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 2015

My first post in oh so long.  I'm rusty!! But not rusted or busted or dusted....

I want to return to my blog after far too long a time of not blogging.  I have been remembering my early days of blogging and how I loved it.  The friends I made in bloglandia.  The wonderful creativity I see in bloglandia.  The amazing stories I read on blogs.  The beautiful places I see on blogs.

When Facebook came along for me it seemed to be the easier softer way.  And there is no denying the convenience of it.  But the time is right for me to step away from that and step back to my authentic love of the blog platform for sharing things that interest me, my creative journey, and opening myself to new friends.

I am participating in The Documented Life Project 2015.  I lurked around in the project last year but didn't participate as I had hoped to.  This is a wonderful project administered and curated by some the  very talented artists of Art to the 5.  Please go visit to see lots of beautiful artwork, hear authentic stories, and learn about growing both personally and artistically.

I am using Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Creative Journal for my project this year.  I love this book!!! The paper is fantabulous for mixed media work and the size is great.

I have chosen to keep the emphasis of my planner directed toward my artistic growth and pursuits this year.  Our challenge for week 1 was to incorporate book text and to address the prompt of "Be your own goalkeeper".  Rather than use the word GOAL I am substituting the word VISION.  I am a visual person, I love looking at and creating visual art, and a vision is a much less emotionally loaded viewpoint for me {as opposed to a goal}.

My intuition has guided me well for many years and through many different circumstances.  Over the last few years my art practice has been sporadic at best, and has taken a back seat to other negative and stressful forces at work in my professional life.  Those forces are still at work, unfortunately, but in the past 12 months my perspective on it has changed immensely.  Suffice it to say that I am returning to my love of creating and my need to create regularly. The process is driving me now, rather than the product, and this has given me a great freedom and, more importantly, a greater connection to being guided by my INTUITION.

I am using found text to document each day.  The text is from a beautiful book I purchased on my last trip to Brattleboro VT {where my oldest daughter resides}.  This book will be the source of the found text for the entire DLP Project.

The pictures do not adequately describe the beauty of this book.

The most important creative vision at this time is to create everyday!!!! JUST DO IT.  

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~*~Patty S said...

You have been missed in blogland dear Gaye!
I know exactly what you mean about FB...I feel so torn and realistically there are not enough hours in the day to be everywhere!
I like blogging for lots of reasons.
I just wished you a Happy Birthday on FB and then saw your 4 Jan notice. I haven't been on FB much lately myself.
What a great project you're taking part in with wonderful beginning pages here!